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a little about paula...


Don’t ask her what her favorite color is—she cannot pick just one. In a group of friends she might be the one wearing too many patterns AND too many colors. Sometimes she regrets what she chose to wear, but hey—she went for it.


Paula, an Arkansan, has a BFA in Graphic Design from Harding University. She has been working as a product designer in the retail industry for over 10 years. Notable retailers include Walmart and Michaels Arts & Crafts. This experience has taken her all over the world to work with all kinds of fabrications and people. Apparel, home décor, paper goods, seasonal products, trend forecasting, illustration, and packaging are just a few categories in her portfolio.


Her current product design position allows her to create from home and the freedom to bounce from project to project. Some projects for work and some for fun including art, custom stationery, jewelry, home décor, party décor, and pictures of her shoes. She loves her husband and baby boy dearly (who both put up with her projects), their two dogs Penny and Stuart, and their colorful house in the suburbs of North Dallas, Texas.


She loves pattern, color, and shoes. So many potential projects and never enough time--She can’t help it! Everything can be painted—if you check her blog posts you’ll see that happening.


Many have asked her to share her work, so here she goes.

Hope you are inspired.

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