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A New Source of Inspiration

We are having a baby boy.


It’s really not as simple as that.


It has been a long journey full of:

dashed hopes


testing of faith & trusting in God’s provision, because you signed up for this walk with Him, you said “Here I am. I’m yours. Use me.”

testing of your relationship with yourself and your spouse

numbness while waiting




quick spikes in feelings of hope and joy then quickly plunging into depression and questions of why

“I’m ok.”

“I’ll be fine—we will be fine.”

desire for distractions

We are not unique in our longing and disappointment. Many have carried us along—a point not to be skimmed over. One of life’s treasures that only come’s during dark times is seeing how people care for each other. I have a deep care and respect for this journey. I don’t wish the struggle on my worst enemy, but I do really know there is beauty in it. It is inspirational in it’s way. I don’t want to miss the beauty that grows when life is really, really crappy. Even if that perspective only comes with hindsight. Flowers grow in poop.

Speaking of poop… cause we are about to be disposing of a lot of it. Ha!

This baby boy has got my mind full of fun projects! (And a list of to dos taped to the refrigerator for my husband—eek!)

First up: Baby Gender Announcement

Have you tried Flipagram App? Super easy. I’m something less than amateur at iMovie, Quicktime, and the like. My sister uses Flipagram (Bethany of Whoa, Wait Walmart) so, I checked it out. Have to admit I did spend 3 hours on this little 30 second announcement one evening in bed with ear buds in next to my sleeping husband editing and wiping tears of joy… I’ve watched it 100+ times. Not cause I think my video is awesome, but because I’m getting to say to the world “WE ARE HAVING A BABY!”

Next up: Nursery Plans

I’ve had hushed plans for a baby for years.

Collections hidden in closets and file folders.

Plans for art I want to make for our child.

Plans for nursery layouts, colors, patterns...

This nursery layout has evolved over a few years of this baby rollercoaster we’ve been on.

But mostly it’s stayed the same.

Black & white and lots of accent colors.

Chair, rug, and fabric for curtains all from IKEA. You can see links on my Pinterest board here.

And a white Jenny Lind Crib sold lots of places.



And last for today: Art for Baby Boy Room

A poem to be framed written/illustrated by his mom, edited by his dad (because I'm not known for my spelling or punctuation)


I’m going to paint portraits of our furry first kids for his room similar to these Photoshop portraits I made a while ago.

These 2 furry kids of ours have gotten us through some super tough times. Love these stinker puppy friends.


So thankful. So grateful. So humbled. So excited!!!!

May you find some inspiration in your week.



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