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halloween staging

Here is where I’m at on the Halloween staging that’s going on around our home.

Kitchen china cabinet staging steps:


Kitchen open shelves:

Here we have the orange/coral Fiestaware (which are our everyday dishes in all colors) filled with spider web and spiders, bottles with food colored water and scary content labels, more of the $1 variety Halloween finds, anatomy drawing book opened up to a creepy page (Creepy only because it’s for Halloween—normally this is just scientific.)


Creeping up existing wall art:

So a lot of this is inspired by a well-worn copy of this book that I cherish:

Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living


(Side-note: that spider web is from Dollar Tree—$1. And the spiders glow in the dark!)

Back to the wall art…

This was actually my husband’s idea! Covered the Boston Red Sox ‘B’ logo with black/orange paper cut to fit, attached with pins, and added 2 ‘O’s. Then hung 2 bats with string to a painted white tree branch.


Next up is cut black paper added to these Chinese Jianzhi pieces I have framed.

Using rubber cement I attached eyes, noses, mouths to make these look like menacing creatures. Mr. Paper Skeleton (made last year) placed to present the creatures. Rubber cement is great for adding things to glass and mirrors—rubs right off easily when you need to remove it.


Living Room Mantle:

Some plastic spiders placed on cheese cloth found at Walmart or Hobby Lobby draped as spider webs, pumpkins (that I will carve closer to the party), lots of $1 crows from Dollar Tree, a dangling spider in front of one of the mirrors completes this years Halloween mantle.


And now to get to the rest of this stuff.


More to come…

Happy Haunting!


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