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apartment therapy feature--WHAAAT?

Have not entered a design contest since college. Too busy working that corporate busy long hour design position.

Learning a lot, meeting a lot of people, seeing things, going places, expanding, growing, flying, driving, riding, walking, running, carrying, printing, sketching, roosters, dots, stripes, monogram, damasks, argyle, witches, Santa, snowmen, Easter bunnies, pumpkins, spreadsheets, Illustrator, Photoshop, trend boards, glue, paper, recaps, factories, tradeshows, shopping, make it big, scale it down, ‘this looks like cow’s utters’ was an actual comment on some grapes I presented for a kitchen collection… and on some days (it seemed) only learning what NOT to do.

Experience. Got me some experience now. Know some wonderful, amazing, crazy, creative, genius, international, smart people. Want to forget some others—but I still learned from them. Learned how to navigate my way around some big cities in this world that generate gobs of new ideas.

I have SO MANY IDEAS. And working from home, finally, allows me to dive into well—I’d say most of them. Majority of my work is for a good family based company out of Shanghai, China. I am very grateful for this time in my career.

So my sister says enter this contest. And well, I do! Because I have time to consider such opportunities now—consider, no let’s say give them the proper attention now. Put my best effort out there after I get the work that pays the bills done. Because this blog and entering said contest is my reward. Yes, I reward my work with more work. But it is work that is MY work. Get to sign my name on these projects. And that is a really nice feeling.

So please vote for my dining room on the Apartment Therapy website!

A big THANK YOU to all who have contributed to whatever stamp I’ve gotten to place on this designed world!

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