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trim & clip framing DIY

Like everything else in our home what is on the walls changes as much as the color of the walls. I make new stuff, buy new stuff, redo existing stuff… and for large artwork pieces framing can be expensive. This portrait of my husband I drew last year is 32” W x 40” H will be a big chunk of change when I finally take it in to be framed. I still want to display it in the mean time with all the wall gallery home décor trends going on, so this is what I came up.

My inspiration (found here: and here: was a version of the wood clip hanger and art displayed and hung on clipboards—both options much too small for my piece. Plus I didn’t want the clips to damage the surface of the piece before I got it professionally framed.

Supplies needed: X-ACTO Knife, straight edge ruler for cutting, cutting surface, mat board, duck tape, spray paint if want to paint your mat board, large metal bulldog clips or metal clips that can be attached with nails or T-pins to the wall, nails or T-pins, piece you want to hang

I have done this for 2 pieces now! So I think it turned out great—until I change my mind again.


See next post with step-by-step instructions.

Good luck on all your projects!


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